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We Pay Shipping On All Orders Over $49 In The USA
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits
Pool Leveling And Support Kits

Pool Leveling And Support Kits

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These Pool Leveling and Support Kits include:

8' to 12' pool kit includes 6 Riser Plates ,10 Universal Plates and 12 Smooth  Plates

14' to 18' pool kit includes 10 Riser Plates ,14 Universal Plates and 18 Smooth Plates.

20' to 26' pool kit includes 14 Riser Plates, 24 Universal Plates and 26 Smooth Plates.

The Universal Plate is approximately 5 inches square.  One side has a round pocket that is 3 7/8 inches across.  The other side has a 2 7/8 x 3 7/8 rectangular pocket.  They are a hefty 1/8 of an inch thick.  For every Universal Plate added you will add 3/8 of an inch in height.  These plates can be used with any of our other plates or by themselves.

The Riser Plates are approximately 5 inches square and 3/4 of an inch thick.  They are stackable with the help of the Universal Plate and add not only height, but add a lot of strength.  

The smooth sided plate has a round pocket on one side and smooth on the other.  this is our newest plate and offers more options to fit most any pool.  ( Not pictured )

This kit is perfect for leveling pools and other large projects.  The plastic plates will add support to help keep the support posts from sinking into the ground.  

Unlike wood or other products, these plates will not rust, split or rot.  This is a great all around kit that will cover most of your outdoor project needs.  These plates are made of a strong plastic with UV protection for years of use.

* Patented and Made In The USA.

* Holds up to 1000 pounds.

* Stackable to get that perfect height.

* Pocked to keep items in place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wow these are great!

These are what pools should come with instead of figuring out what to use!! I was using cement blocks I was worried about them puncturing the pool however I did use a cut up pool noodle to set in front of them so after all the hard work of setting up a pool to find it’s still off level I discovered these pool level kits, Amazing!!Easy!!

Christopher Ho
Every pool should be using these.

These base plates are awesome. Makes life so much easier for levelling your pool. No need for heavy pavers and filling with sand slowly.

Darren Galloway
Works but doesn't work

Ordered a set to level out my pool but doesn't come with enough interlocking pieces

Lisa Waneck

We had a lot of unused pieces in the kit that did not snap together to complete our pool leveling. We were offered a partial refund & when I accepted the refund, the e-mail correspondence stopped & I haven’t heard back. These are too expensive for what I received & the product came with no instructions.

Angel Tarbox

I only needed 6 & bought an entire kit for the a 22-52 pool plus overnight shipping . It was very painful

Hello Angel, We at KP Base were disappointed to hear that you were not as happy with the purchase as you could have been. We wanted to let you know that KP Base stabilizers work great for many other uses as well, such as leveling camping equipment, furniture, water heaters, kickstands for bikes, etc.

We are not sure what happened with shipping as to why you needed next day air. We would happily give you a partial refund for the unused product if you would like. We strive to provide all our customers with great service and sincerely hope this will help you.

Thanks again for your purchase.

KP Base