Patio Set

$20.59 $17.95
You save: $2.64 USD(12.82%)
Patio Set
Patio Set
Patio Set
Patio Set
Patio Set
Patio Set

Patio Set

$20.59 $17.95
You save: $2.64 USD(12.82%)
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This Patio Set includes 8 Mini Risers  5 x 5 x 3/8 inches.

The Mini Risers are a good add on to any kit.  The Mini Riser adds that little something you may not get with the other plates.  You can use them by themselves or stack them together.  

Some great uses for the Mini Riser would be to raise furniture off damp basement floors.  Even in the backyard to protect decking or other patio surfaces.  This will also protect your lawn furniture from ground contact, which is a great way to protect your investments.

* Patented and Made In The USA.

* Holds up to 1000 pounds.

* Pocketed to hold items in place.

* Stackable.

* Made of plastic with uv protection

KP Base Supports and Protects.


Loved The Service

I am very happy with our purchase.  The service was great and the stabilizer pads worked great as well.  I would highly recommend this product. 

Tammy S
Easy To Use

 I found the kit was easy to use, and the delivery time was fast.

Jeff P

  I ordered a kit to use at work for ladders and portable equipment.  I was surprised how something so simple could helps so much.

Chuck M