Riser Plate Add on Kit

$21.85 $19.95
You save: $1.90 USD(8.7%)
Riser Plate Add on Kit
Riser Plate Add on Kit
Riser Plate Add on Kit
Riser Plate Add on Kit

Riser Plate Add on Kit

$21.85 $19.95
You save: $1.90 USD(8.7%)
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This is a 8 Pack of Riser Plates.

The Riser Plates are approximately 5 inches square and 3/4 of an inch thick.  They are stackable with the help of the Universal Plate and add not only height, but add a lot of strength. 

Our Riser Plates are a great add on.  These don't stack by themselves but will add strength and height when added to the Universal Plates.  

This is truly the muscle of all the plates.  These plates are made of a strong plastic, but will flex, the flex is needed to avoid cracking or breaking.   When stacked the ribbing works together to provide the support needed.

All of our products are patented.

* Patented and Made In The USA.

* Holds up to 1000 pounds.

* UV protected plastic.

* Adds needed height. 

KP Base, We have the muscle.


Loved The Service

I am very happy with our purchase.  The service was great and the stabilizer pads worked great as well.  I would highly recommend this product. 

Tammy S
Easy To Use

 I found the kit was easy to use, and the delivery time was fast.

Jeff P

  I ordered a kit to use at work for ladders and portable equipment.  I was surprised how something so simple could helps so much.

Chuck M