We Pay Shipping On All Orders Over $49 In The USA
We Pay Shipping On All Orders Over $49 In The USA


Q.    How much weight can I put on it?

A.     We use only the highest quality plastic.  Along with our patented design KP Base Stabilizer Pads can hold 300 pounds per square inch, up to 1000                     pounds.  The wall stock thickness along with the ribbing is thicker than most company standards.  This is how we are able to achieve these standards.

Q.     Where are they made?

A.     Our manufacturing is done in Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S.A.  Our plastic is supplied to us from the Detroit, Michigan area.   Our company goal is to                 keep all of our supplies and manufacturing here in the United States of America.   

Q.     Where can they be used?

A.     KP Base Stabilizer Pads can be used anywhere inside the home as well as outside.  The possibilities are endless.

Q.     What keeps them from slipping?

A.     The ribbing lock the plates together along with the ribbing on the bottom act like cleats in the dirt and grass. 

Q.     How high can they be stacked?

A.     We recommend NOT stacking KP Base Stabilizer Pads any higher than 4 inches high.

Q.     Can I buy a customized kit?

A.     Yes, Please contact us at support@KPBASE.com with your request and we will email you back with the pricing.