We Pay Shipping On All Orders Over $49 In The USA
We Pay Shipping On All Orders Over $49 In The USA

About Us

KP Base Stabilizing Systems is a family owned company.

Located in Portland, Michigan we have dedicated our time and energy to produce a high quality made in America product.  KP Base Stabilizing Systems was designed and patented in the USA.  Despite the push to have our product made in another country, we are happy to say we stayed here in Michigan.  

KP Base was originally designed for folding/camping chairs, ladders and picnic tables.  We soon found out that we were finding many other uses for our stabilizers pads.  People are using them for their furniture inside the home and out.  They have been used for under the legs of a bed, appliances, water heater and even trailers.  Made from the highest quality UV resistant plastic we found them to be strong enough even to support the legs of an above ground swimming pool. (We have personally used them for this purpose for the last 3 years.)

Our customers from coast to coast have used KP Base Stabilizer Pads on construction sites, camping, graduation parties and yes even an outdoor wedding.

KP Base Stabilizer Pads are what you would expect from a quality product made in the USA.  There are so many uses from the office to your home and even the great outdoors.