Special Events Package

$63.00 $53.79
You save: $9.21 USD(14.62%)
Special Events Package
Special Events Package
Special Events Package
Special Events Package
Special Events Package
Special Events Package
Special Events Package

Special Events Package

$63.00 $53.79
You save: $9.21 USD(14.62%)
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This Special Events Package kit includes 30 Universal Plates

The Universal Plate is approximately 5 inches square.  One side has a round pocket that is 3 7/8 inches across.  The other side has a 2 7/8 x 3 7/8 rectangular pocket.  They are a hefty 1/8 of an inch thick.  For every Universal Plate added you will add 3/8 of an inch in height.  These plates can be used with any of our other plates or by themselves.

This kit is ideal for situations where leveling isn't as much of an issue.  We put this kit together with outdoor gatherings in mind where seating and tables would be setup.

Placing these plates under the legs of a table and chairs wouldn't only offer support they would also protect the feet from sinking into the ground.  This would keep them clean for future use.  Have peace of mind that your event will stay put and everything will go just as planned.

Works great for outside weddings, graduations and other events.

* Patented and Made In The USA.

* Pocketed to keep items in place.

* Holds up to 1000 pounds.

* Stackable to get the right height.                                                                  

Remember KP Base wont let you down.


Loved The Service

I am very happy with our purchase.  The service was great and the stabilizer pads worked great as well.  I would highly recommend this product. 

Tammy S
Easy To Use

 I found the kit was easy to use, and the delivery time was fast.

Jeff P

  I ordered a kit to use at work for ladders and portable equipment.  I was surprised how something so simple could helps so much.

Chuck M